keys-525732_1280I have always been a very creative person.  I see possibilities everywhere.  As a marketer, this can be the kiss of death to your success.  Constantly being attracted by “shiny objects” and chasing every potential amazing opportunity you see can really tie you up.

It is like having a pile of dozens of keys.  Each key is different, each key goes to something specific.  What if you knew that one of the keys in the pile was the key to success, but you didn’t know which one?

The internet can  be like that.  A big pile of keys to potential success.  So many things being promoted as the latest greatest do-hickey out there, each telling you that if you use THIS one, you will make gazillions of dollars and be able to “set it and forget it” or “put it on auto pilot”.  Each one of those is a blank key and you have no idea where it will lead you.

But what if you knew someone who actually knew what each key in the pile led to, who was able to help you choose the keys that were most meaningful to your specific niche.  Not every tool is necessary for every business and not every business strategy works for every niche.

This is where mentoring, coaching and consulting come in.  Finding a great coach or mentor can make all the difference between getting distracted or over thinking what you are doing.  Sorting the keys into piles doesn’t help.  Carefully examining every key is time consuming and often takes you far off the beaten track as you spend all your time trying to find all the keyholes and fitting each key in its proper place.

But a mentor, a guide who knows the purpose of each key and the best key for the right purpose can lead you to the ultimate treasure, success and celebrity in your niche.  A worthwhile investment of your time and money.

news-644855_1280Whether you are a local brick and mortar business or an international corporation or an entirely online business, publicity is an important part of your marketing arsenal.  Publicity differs from marketing in the sense that it is more about creating relationships and drawing attention to your business/event/project, introducing your business to your ideal customer.

There are many ways to do this and many media to participate in, in order to accomplish the goal of getting your business in front of th right eyeballs and then engaging them in something that they feel is important to them.   Remember, as you do this that this is not about you or your business or what YOU want.  It is completely about your customer and their needs, desires and interests.  If everything you do in your business revolves around your vision and goals for your business, you will miss the boat and never really understand why.

Secondly, this isn’t about waiting for the right opportunity to promote your business comes along.  It is about creating opportunities to delight and surprise your ideal customer/client/recruit/reader.

So what can you do?  Get out of your business at least once a week and put on your community service hat.  What important cause or event in your community can you get involved in?  How can you make a difference and go out of your way to promote someone else?

One of the big things you can do is to become a resource for the people you would most like to have promote you.  Local reporters are always looking for good stories.  When you get involved in a community event, offer to help them promote it and then go to your local radio, tv and newspaper editors and tell them about the event.  Go prepared with some background information and maybe some photos (in digital format) to give them a leg up.  When you do these meaningful things for the folks who do the promoting in your community, they will pay attention when you put out a press release about your business and you are more likely to get a great article, interview or blatant free promotion of your business.

This goes for columnists as well.  If you know of a newspaper or magazine columnist who writes on your topic, develop a relationship with them by making positive and interesting letters to the editor.  Oftentimes not only are these published, but it also creates a positive relationship with the columnist who may now be open to writing a column post featuring you.

How about becoming a columnist yourself?  If you are an expert on a topic, you might want to offer to write a column for your local paper on that topic.  I know several of my clients who have done this and used it to become a celebrity in their niche.

If you aren’t a local business, especially if most of your business comes from online, you can still develop relationships with reporters.  One of the coolest ways to do this is HARO (Help A Reporter Out), a brilliant resource site run by the brilliant Peter Shankman.  The purpose of the site is to allow reporters access to expert volunteers who act as resources for articles on specific subjects. You can register as a resource for free.  Once you register under your topic, you will begin to receive notifications in your email of specific needs of specific reporters.  When you answer their queries, you help them with resources, stories from your own or others experience and anything you have to say on the topic.

They may or may not use it, but over time you will develop a relationship with certain reporters, bloggers and broadcasters for having accurate and engaging information about their topic.  More often than not you may find them attributing you in their articles and even asking to write a story specifically about your business or you (which is pretty much the same thing) or mentioning you or your business in the course of their article.

The result could find you as a guest in a television, vlog or radio/podcast or featured in magazine and newspaper articles or blog articles.  Trust me…this is a good thing for you and for your business and could easily take you to the next level, creating you as a celebrity in your niche.