I’ve written all of my life, stories, poetry, songs, plays, articles, blogs, reports, tutorials and even press releases. And now, at 64 years old I have finally done the one thing on the list, a novel. It isn’t published yet, but the first draft is done and it is in the hands of my beta readers.

The cover art is in process and my book marketing plan is in place. Over the next several months I will be journaling about my journey to publication. I hope this will give something to my future fans (at least I am hopeful there will be fans) of my books as well as for my posterity and any other potential authors who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

This is my journey and it is unique, as is the journey for every author. Writing is a very personal thing. You have your own style, your own interests and experience and each of us starts in a different place.

For me it was years and years ago. I remember performing a poem for a Christmas party at church where I recited the 26 line rhyme I had composed at about age 8, called, “My Christmas ABCs”. That was the beginning as far back as I can recall. I also remember in the first grade my delight in learning how to write real words on paper.

But, if I am honest, it began way before that. My mother exposed me to books and reading from in the womb. She was a big proponent of reading to a child before birth, to get the baby used to the cadence of well written words. She read to me when I was a newborn and throughout my toddler years. By the time I got to Kindergarten, I was already reading at a first grade level, something that dismayed my Kindergarten teacher no end. Also, at that age, the library was my favorite place.

So it was that I became a bookaholic from the womb. I will forever bless my mother for that gift. We had television, black and white, back then, but my favorite celebrities wrote books.

Without going through this journey year by year, I will just say that long before the birth of computer nerds, I was a library nerd. In junior high I had the dewey decimal system memorized. While my friends hung out after lunch gossiping and playing pranks on one another, I was in the library. When the librarian was busy, students would come to me to ask for help finding a book.

And I read everything, from non-fiction and reference books to gothic romance, science fiction and fantasy. And yes, I confess to often having a novel hidden inside my textbook open on my desk when the lecture got boring. I don’t recommend this, as it is really embarrassing when you get caught and usually got written into the remarks on your grade card.

I will tell more of this story in future posts, but here I am. The first draft of my first novel finally written and the excitement and hard work of the publishing and marketing process now begun. Come with me on my journey right up to the launch announcement of my first book, “The House on Infinity Loop“.

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