keys-525732_1280I have always been a very creative person.  I see possibilities everywhere.  As a marketer, this can be the kiss of death to your success.  Constantly being attracted by “shiny objects” and chasing every potential amazing opportunity you see can really tie you up.

It is like having a pile of dozens of keys.  Each key is different, each key goes to something specific.  What if you knew that one of the keys in the pile was the key to success, but you didn’t know which one?

The internet can  be like that.  A big pile of keys to potential success.  So many things being promoted as the latest greatest do-hickey out there, each telling you that if you use THIS one, you will make gazillions of dollars and be able to “set it and forget it” or “put it on auto pilot”.  Each one of those is a blank key and you have no idea where it will lead you.

But what if you knew someone who actually knew what each key in the pile led to, who was able to help you choose the keys that were most meaningful to your specific niche.  Not every tool is necessary for every business and not every business strategy works for every niche.

This is where mentoring, coaching and consulting come in.  Finding a great coach or mentor can make all the difference between getting distracted or over thinking what you are doing.  Sorting the keys into piles doesn’t help.  Carefully examining every key is time consuming and often takes you far off the beaten track as you spend all your time trying to find all the keyholes and fitting each key in its proper place.

But a mentor, a guide who knows the purpose of each key and the best key for the right purpose can lead you to the ultimate treasure, success and celebrity in your niche.  A worthwhile investment of your time and money.

hero_evernoteOne of my absolute favorite cross-platform apps is Evernote.  This handy dandy notebook app is so incredibly versatile and I promise you, you will find it not only useful, but once you start using it, you will find more and more amazing ways to use it to become more productive.

Step one is to install it on all of your devices, your computer, your phone and any tablets you may own.  Once you have done this, you have now linked all of your devices in a way that will seem like magic.

Did you ever get an idea for your business while having a conversation, watching a presentation or just sitting on a plane or any situation where you are away from your computer?  Enter Evernote.  Whether you have wifi in that area or not, Evernote is there on your phone or tablet waiting for you to take notes.  But WAIT…THERE’S MORE!!!!  You can record your voice on this lovely little app or a conversation to replay later.  You can take a photo via Evernote using your phone’s cam and add notes to it.  This is great while shopping.  If I see something that interests me in a store, but I am not there for that purchase at the moment, I use Evernote to take a photo and add a note as to which store, the price and even what aisle I found it in.  I can even email my notes to someone else in real time.

Now here’s the cool part.  When I do all of this on my phone or my tablet, the next time I get on my computer, all of the notes, photos or recordings are right there on my computer.  I didn’t have to download it or sync it or any of those things.  Evernote automagically updates all changes you have made in documents and you have instant access to anything you have created in it on any device you have it installed on.

Here are some of the things I do with Evernote:

  • Write down business ideas as they occur to me when I am away from home
  • Create blog posts
  • Notes for talks and presentations
  • To do lists
  • Notes from client conferences when I am on the road
  • Take a photo of a business card while networking and add notes about what we discussed
  • Brainstorm

I would love to hear from you about how you use Evernote.  Feel free to comment below.

To get your free Evernote account, Go HERE.  To add it to your mobile devices, you can get it free from the App Store.