Making a New Start

The traditional time for “resolutions” is New Year’s Day.  But I don’t intend to wait.

I am in the process of re-envisioning myself and my future.  As part of that process, I am re-designing and re-imagining this blog.

This change of focus will allow me to prepare for the publishing of my first novel sometime in the spring of 2019.  In that regard I have taken a number of steps to insure that I get this done.

  1. I am writing 6 days a week, with Sunday off.  This is quantified as a minimum of 1,200 words a day.  If I go over on any particular day, so much the better, but this doesn’t change the requirement for the following day.  Setting this habit and following through is important if I am to be in integrity with myself.
  2. I am starting to communicate with potential fans right now, before the book is completed, to build my potential audience in such a way that it will allow me to launch the book with some reasonable potential for success.
  3. I have set up a “beta readers” group in facebook to allow me the luxury of feedback in the early stages of the book.
  4. I will be re-establishing my YouTube channel with regular updates to my followers.
  5. I am not allowing myself to weasel out.  By making my intentions public, I am adding an extra layer of accountablity.
  6. I am documenting my journey, what is working, what isn’t and any “aha” moments I may experience as I go.

It is my hope that my readers, here and also of my impending novel, will benefit in some way from experiencing this journey with me and that in some way it may enlighten, uplift and/or inspire those who visit here.

blog-769737_1280There was a time, when I first started on the internet that we would go to a business to get web design clients and 90% of the business owners didn’t even have a computer on the premises, much less an email address.  We were told that the internet was just a fad (after all, Bill Gates actually said so back then).  It was a hard sell.  We were the pioneers and had the arrows in our backs to show for it.

Then came the stage where everyone knew they needed a website, but they really didn’t know why and even the web designers of the time were essentially clueless.  Websites were built, but they were essentially electronic billboards with little if any interaction between the website and the visitor.

Along came the opt-in form and email marketing was born.  This led also to the inundation of spam on the net, because people were making scads of money selling information to email marketers as a shortcut to the proper way of doing it.  (We will cover email marketing in a future class.)

In the meantime, RSS was born (Really Simple Syndication) which allowed people to subscribe to content put into blogging format (blog is actually e-speak for “web-log”).  A new way of communicating with a set group of people and gathering your tribe or fans together.

These days, blogging is ubiquitous online on pretty much any topic you can imagine.  I challenge you to find a topic that is not being covered by any kind of blog.  If you do, put the topic title into the SEOBook Keyword Tool and I believe you will find that absolutely no one is searching for it.  If you do find a topic that is not being covered by a blog and it is a popular search term, jump on it.  You have found a gold mine.

In this class we will talk about search engines, what they want and why blogging is their favorite content.  The whole purpose of this series of internet marketing classes is to teach you how to become the 500 lbs gorilla on the internet and blogging is a key factor.  Over time you will discover why establishing a content-rich blog with targeted keywords and engaging content can become the hub of your marketing no matter what your industry, product, service, affiliate program or network marketing company.  This is basic.  This is key.

So here is the recording of Class 4.  You may want to listen to it more than once.


Here is he homework slide.  The homework in this slide will guarantee you will never ever have to wonder what to write about in your blog or in any other place you post online.

class 4 homework

And here is the slide from the Writer’s Unblocking Kit.

4 Internet Marketing Education With The Web Woman.pptx (1)