butterflyBonnie Dillabough was dubbed “The Web Woman” back in 1996, a time when most people involved in creating web pages were college age men.  The businesses we approached back then were surprised to find a woman in the biz and so the moniker stuck.

Two weeks after I put up my first web page I got an email from a man in Germany and a few days later, one from a man in China.  It hit my brain like a lightning bolt and I was immediately hooked.

I had been searching for an inexpensive but effective marketing tool for my videography business.   The internet immediately made sense to me.  I even produced a new television program on our local public access channel, TCTV, called “NetScope”.  This was a call in show where people could ask their questions live about the internet.  It was a popular show, which I loved hosting.

Back in those days, finding someone who wanted a web page was not easy.  90% of the businesses we approached didn’t even have a computer on the premises.

I have had a lot of opportunities over the years as a result with my obsession with the internet.  I taught web development at a local computer college and then went on to teach internet marketing in the Robert Allen Enlightened Millionaire program.  Eventually I struck off on my own and taught an online internet marketing class.

I went through some difficult times (severe complications due to diabetes), but now I am back doing what I love, teaching entrepreneurs the intricacies of internet marketing in all its splendor.  Join me in the journey.