Bonnie K.T. Dillabough

To write or not to write has never been the question…

I wrote my first 26 line poem at age 8, entitled “My Christmas ABCs”.  I then memorized it and performed it for the church Christmas party.  This wasn’t terribly surprising.  I started reading before Kindergarten and Dr. Seuss was one of my favorite authors, so rhyme came very naturally to me.  I have been writing all of my life, as long as I can remember.  A lot of poetry, short stories and, of course, the usual school reports.  I always got high grades on my writing assignments, even when I didn’t in other classes, simply because I loved to write.

Then, adulthood set in.  Always a voracious reader, I dreamt of writing a novel, but I got gloriously side-tracked with a wonderful husband and 6 amazing children.  During that time, I still wrote:  Musical plays for my kids at church and school, songs, poetry and even an occasional newspaper article streamed from my pen.

Then, I got involved in jobs that required clear concise writing and a lot of marketing copy.  I put up my first website in 1996 and made my living on the internet for years, writing everything from blog posts to sales copy to scripts for online videos, not to mention copy for the websites I built for my clients.

Now, at age 64 I am preparing to publish my first novel, the first in a series.  “The House on Infinity Loop” will be published at the end of April 2019, just before I turn 65.  Never say it is too late to achieve your dream.  

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