In everything we do there is a starting point.  As we progress, none of us are on the exact same level or have the exact same playing field or goals.  In internet marketing this concept holds true.  When we market online, promoting our business and building our brand, we are all at a different place.

I often have people say to me, “Bonnie, you are so smart.” when what they really mean is that I know a lot about the internet and how to market your business online.   But it wasn’t always that way.  At one point, in 1996, I discovered the internet.   I had been looking for a way to promote my videography business, so my ears were open and my radar was on.

But, I’ll tell you how green I was.  When I signed up with my internet service provider, I got home and dialed up the number on my computer’s router and nothing happened.  I tried several things, but nothing seemed to work.  Finally I called up the service provider and told them that the disk they gave me wasn’t working.  The customer service person asked me, “So what browser are you using?”  My reply?  “What’s a browser?”  That is where I started.

Everyone starts somewhere.  This class is about beginnings.  Some of you already have a website, some of you have been marketing for awhile.  Some of you are brand new and you know you want to make money online, but you have no clue.  So this class is about taking inventory.  I hope you enjoy it.

A note about Homework.  Homework is not for me, the teacher.  Homework is about you, the student.  I promise you that if you do every single homework assignment, you will build a strong foundation for your online marketing efforts.

class 1 homework

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bonnieI put up my first web page back in 1996. I have been making my living online ever since.

Probably the most rewarding thing I have done over the years is teaching new online marketers how to do internet marketing properly. There are a lot of “gurus” out there willing to teach you “the secrets” of online marketing for a very large price. They parcel out their wisdom guardedly with the understanding that once they have trained you, you become their competition.

This page is a little different. There is nothing withheld. Every free class I teach is solid information, updated as needed (because the internet changes sometimes from one moment to the next). You won’t find any fluff or hype here.

This is about you learning a step-by-step approach to marketing online.

  • No pie-in-the-sky promises
  • No “set it and forget it”
  • No “put your business on autopilot
  • No big ticket hype
  • Just solid information that will bring the people to your site who want what you have

I will be posting every class recording with the accompanying homework (yes, I said homework) slide to help you stay on track and move forward.  If you “friend” me on Facebook and then private message me, I will be happy to add you to our private group that supports these classes.